Click to enlargeQuad Nock 1Dz

Short ear design provides a cleaner release from bowstring, improving accuracy. Low-friction string groove and lighter weight increase arrow speed an average of 4 feet per second. Short body produces superior strength and nock/shaft alignment. Flared opening allows easy guidance of arrow onto bowstring. Works best with the Ultra Noks. Brass nock detente allows compatibility with virtually any bow setup. Fits Easton's Super Uni-Bushings, ACC 3-60 shafts, Beman ICS, and Gold Tip Graphite XT shafts. Designed to be used with the Ultra-Nok II and Ultra-Nok II micro. Can also be used with rope nocking loops, brass nock sets and can be used with fingers and all release aids. Solid Flo. Green. Weighs 5 grains.

1 pk. (12 nocks per pk).