New Archery Spitfire Broadhead 3 Blade 3 Pack

Spitfire is undoubtedly the most trusted name in mechanical broadheads! Spitfires fly straight with pinpoint accuracy, perform better than any other mechanical thanks to the sharpest Diamize® blades, and stand up under the toughest conditions. And the practice blades mean you can save the super-sharp hunting blades for the big day. 3 per package.

Super-durable hardened High Carbon Steel Trophy Tip®

The patented scooped out Slimline® ferrule improves flight and penetration.

Our patented snap-locking blade system holds the blades closed during flight, even out of today's fastest bows - no rubber bands needed!

Stainless Steel Blades have the exclusive Diamize Edge for a visible super-sharpness you can see for yourself!

Spitfire Practice Blades - Save the super sharp blades for the field - available for all Spitfire Models.